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brussel/s bruxelles dvd

Brussel/s Bruxelles DVD

Brussels a city caught on film starts in 1897 with the very first images of the city made by Alexandre Promio for the Lumière company. More than 20 rarely seen films then reconstruct the story of the city in the clutches of the fast-moving 20th century. Dramatic events alternate with colourful news, with comical and poetic moments. The texts by Roel Jacobs (history advisor at Visitbrussels) and Peter Van Goethem (doctoral researcher at RITS) guide the viewer through time and space; the music accompanying the oldest images was composed by Guy Van Nueten.

The Royal Belgian Film Archive was founded in 1938 by Henri Storck, André Thirifays and Pierre Vermeylen. The first curator (from 1948 to 1988), and also founder of the Film Museum (1962), was Jacques Ledoux. The current curator is Nicola Mazzanti. Eric De Keuleneer is chairman of the Board of Governors and Stijn Coninx is vice chairman.

The Film Archive is a Public Trust. It is a bicultural institution, which reaches out to both communities. The trust is subsidised by the National Ministry of Science Policy and also enjoys continued support from the National Lottery.

The Film Archive aims

-          to collect and preserve films which continue to be valuable aesthetically, technically and historically.

-          to bring together as much documentation about the art of film as possible.

-          to secure open access to these films and documentation (with an aesthetic or academic purpose).

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