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Atlas limone stripe

This scarf was exclusively produced for the Flandersshop in the style of the Flemish Government. The dark grey colour with yellow stripe is suited for women as well as men. The flax is woven a little bit more thick, which makes the scarf pleasantly warm during winter. There are only 200 scarfs available.

Libeco was founded in 1858 by Paul Libeert as a small hand-loom weaving workshop. The region of Meulebeke (between Courtray and Bruges) has - by tradition - always been active in the growing of flax, retting (the Lys river) and the transformation of flax. In 2008 they celebrated their 150th anniversary. For generations they have worked linen with passion and today the 5th generation of the Libeert family is leading the company.

Article Number: 1532

€ 62,00 incl. VAT


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