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› 09 February 2016 - News

The Flandersshop was mentioned in Flanders Today. The article is certainly worth reading!

Pop up restaurant

Pop up restaurant

› 13 October 2015 - News

Last month (September 2015) the VisitFlanders Visitor Information Centre was the location for the pop-up restaurant of Linde (Studio Brussel). This was in the in collaboration with the Young Kitchen Rebels. The evening was a huge success and will hopefully be repeated. For more images, check the link!



› 29 April 2015 - News

The Flandersshop is proud to announce that since recently we can offer you a selection from the Libeco-Lagae collections. These are quality flax products which breathe history, craftsmanship, and ecology. You will find kitchentowels, toilet bags, stylish scarfs,… on our webshop and in the Flandersshop in Brussels.

The world has considerably changed since 1858, but for Libeco-Lagae the passion remains: a love of linen and quality work. From fathers to sons, from managers to employees, everyone involved continues to further develop the company and prepare it for the future. Today the company is managed by the fifth generation of the Libeert Family.


Since 1858, Libeco-Lagae has preserved the tradition of linen weaving in Meulebeke. Flax has been cultivated and worked in this Flemish village in West flanders for centuries. The reasons for this tradition are diverse.

The soil is perfect for growing flax, the north Sea wind brings humidity and keeps the climate temperate and our affluent rivers are perfect for flax retting! Flanders’ prosperity is in part due to linen and the Flemish passion for working it.


Linen is a highly ecological product. Its cultivation requires no irrigation and very few chemicals. The whole plant is used and everything is recyclable and biodegradable. During the entire industrial process, the impact on the environment is minimal. Even in the bleaching and dyeing processes, the methods used are perfectly controlled. The water used in production comes from the Lys river rather than the water table. After use the water is treated in a biological water treatment plant which renders it cleaner than it was before use.




› 19 March 2015 - News

Pure elegance. Start Spring with the on tealeafs inspired cutlery by Nedda.

Source: kanaal Z, "Z-Design", 28/02/2014

Z-Design - Aflevering 5 from hetbeweegt on Vimeo.

Taste of Flanders

Taste of Flanders

› 06 March 2015 - News

Since two centuries the artisan production of mustard, cookies and liquors by families like Tierenteyn, Demeester and Debeuckelaer, as well as the craft of the brewers of Geuze in Brussels,  determine “The Tastes of Flanders”. Very recognisable tastes that we incorporate in strongly personalised chocolate creations. To these Flemish tastes we added – as a salute to Flanders Fields – a remarkable praline with roasted poppy seeds.

Depuis près de deux siècles la production de moutarde, biscuits et liqueur par les familles Tierenteyn, Demeester et Debeuckelaer, ainsi que la maitrise de métier des brasseurs de Gueuze, déterminent toujours « The Tastes of Flanders », ces goûts reconnaissables qui sont présents dans nos pralines personnalisées. A ces goûts flamands nous avons ajoutés – en salut aux Flanders Fields - une praline exceptionnelle avec graines de coquelicot (Poppies) torréfiées.

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