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Terms and conditions

  1. Suitability

    1. Placing an order on the internet site of Flandersshop means that the customer has read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions.
    2. Exceptions to these terms and conditions can only be made by a written contract between Flandersshop and the customer and will only apply to the points listed herein. All other terms and conditions remain applicable.
    3. These terms and conditions also apply to potential interim persons of Flandersshop and on potential interim persons of the customer.
    4. These terms and conditions do not apply to offline purchases. In this context, specific terms and conditions apply, which are laid down in separate agreements or contracts per individual job or customer. For further information on this, please contact info@flandersshop.be;Kathleen.borms@gmail.com;Erik.roelens@blonde.eu;support@robarov.be.
  2. Items with prices on offer

    1. Preceding the electronic order confirmation by the customer, Flandersshop will inform the customer of all relevant information regarding the items ordered by the customer.

      The descriptions and images of the items on the website are as accurate as possible. In the case that, despite all precautions taken, an error occurs, or for example the actual colour is somewhat different from that on the image, Flandersshop can not be held responsible. Colours on the screen can deviate from colours in reality.

    2. The prices at the time of ordering apply.
      All listed prices include VAT.
    3. For the delivery of its products, Flandersshop uses a separate delivery company and on the basis of the information given by the customer, we will aim to reflect the postal charge as accurately as possible.

      Flandersshop can not be held responsible for any alterations in the postal charge, which are solely due to the delivery company. The delivery company serving Flandersshop only delivers on working days and during office hours. These can vary by country.

    4. In case a customer orders an item which we do not have in stock, we will notify the customer by email.

      The order, or part of the order, will then be cancelled, and the customer will be refunded within 30 days after the customer was notified of the item being out of stock.

  3. Information by the customer

    The customer is obliged to share all information with Flandersshop which Flandersshop deems as necessary in order to complete the order swiftly and correctly.

    To this end, Flandersshop will indicate clearly all required fields of the E-shop of Flandersshop to be filled in, so that the order can be completed.

    The customer only is responsible for sharing correct, complete and accurate information.

  4. The order

    1. The closure of the order

      The order is "live", when the customer has received an electronic order confirmation from Flandersshop .

      Flandersshop maintains the right to deny, fail to complete, or subject an order to further conditions, if:

      • the customer provides incorrect, incomplete and/or false information;
      • there is evidence or serious signs of non-payment or fraudulent behaviour by the customer;
      • previous order(s) has/have not been paid for for whatever reason.
    2. Guarantee for the customer

      On the basis of articles 1649bis ff. of the Civil Code relating to selling to the public, the customer has the right to a legal guarantee.

      The customer recognises that, to enjoy his/her rights which fall under this legal guarantee, he is obliged to share the order receipt with Flandersshop.

    3. Guarantee for the customer

      Any complaints regarding a faulty item should be submitted within 15 days after the fault was detected.

      In that case, Flandersshop is responsible for repair when possible, replacement by a similar product or a refund of the original payment.

      Under no circumstances, can Flandersshop be held liable for the indirect consequences of the lack of availability of a product as a consequence of a faulty product.

      The warranty guaranteed by Flandersshop will under no circumstances exceed the factory warranty and is in any case limited to six months.

      Under no circumstances Flandersshop will be held liable for damage, including physical injury and the consequences for the customer or a third party, in case of neglected maintenance, non-conform usage, intentional damage or negligence.

    4. Right to revoke - conditions and practical guidelines

      The customer, who wishes to solely use the items for non-professional purposes, has the right to inform Flandersshop that he/she forgoes his/her purchase with 7 working days from the day following the completion of the order or delivery.

      If the customer forgoes the purchase of the ordered items, and decides so within 7 working days from the day which follows the completion of the order or the delivery of the items, the customer should return the delivered items unopened within 10 working days to Flandersshop, according to the instructions from the logistics service of Flandersshop communicated to the customer by email.

      The customer recognises that the costs and risks associated with returning the item(s) are his/her responsibility.

      Only when items are returned unopened, within the stated period and according to the instructions as communicated by Flandersshop's logistics service, will Flandersshop refund the customer within 30 days after it has received the returned items.

  5. Delivery time - address - order method

    1. In Belgium, Flandersshop aims to deliver within 7 working days, if the items are in stock.

      For international deliveries, the customer should count on a delivery time of 10 working days.

      The delivery time is an estimate, and is not guaranteed.

      Under no circumstances will a delay in the delivery time lead to a cancellation of the order and/or refund.

      Alternatively, the customer can pick up his order at , , , without any additional costs.

    2. Flandersshop will deliver the items ordered by the customer at the address given by the customer.

      If the customer is not present, a notification will be left and a second attempt at delivery will follow.

      If delivery is not possible or the customer refuses to accept the order, Flandersshop will contact the customer.

      All costs associated with a renewed attempt at delivery, destruction or return are the responsibility of the customer.

      If a customer does not report back in timely fashion, Flandersshop will destroy or resell the item at its own discretion.

      If an order can not be delivered because the customer address appears unjust or incomplete, Flandersshop will contact the customer and attempt to find the correct address.

      Any costs associated with delivery at an address that differs from the address originally submitted by the customer will be the responsibility of the customer.

    3. Upon delivery, the customer signs for the receipt of the order. If he/she denies the delivery on account of clearly visible faults and/or inconsistencies, he/she will report this on the delivery receipt.

      After signing for receipt, the customer checks the order by the packing label attached to the parcel. If the number or type of the ordered items is not in line with what is mentioned on the packing label or with the content of the parcel, the customer will notify Flandersshop within 2 working days of the delivery of the order.

    4. Any complaints about potential damage of the ordered goods have to be submitted to Flandersshop within 2 days. Flandersshop will need to see the content and packaging in order to uphold the complaint.

  6. Payment conditions - potential refund and billing

    1. Items ordered by the customer are to be paid for in advance of delivery.

    2. Payment can be made by credit card in the following way:

      • the customer orders the items of choice;
      • the customer pays for concerned items by credit card.
    3. If for any reason the order can not be processed, the customer will receive a refund as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days after payment.

    4. Only customers who submit a business account number with their order will receive an invoice for their ordered items.

  7. Privacy protection

    All personal details which are required to complete the order, are safely stored by Flandersshop or her employees, and can be passed on to companies or subsidiaries with whom Flandersshop cooperates, when this is necessary for processing the order.

    Each time that Flandersshop passes on personal details to third parties, these third parties will solely use these personal details for purposes which are strictly related to their work.

    These third parties are bound by conditions imposed by Flandersshop, which guarantees privacy protection.

    Next to the above mentioned purposes, Flandersshop may use your personal details for reasons of publicity.

    When this is needed to manage the advertising system, your personal details can also be passed on to companies who cooperate with Flandersshop or its subsidiaries.

    Within the framework of the relevant legal regulations, a natural person who can prove his/her identity, is able to communicate or demand an improvement of his/her details which can be processed by Flandersshop by submitting a dated and signed letter to Flandersshop 's customer service.

    He/she can also oppose the use of personal data with an eye on direct marketing by addressing this customer service.

  8. Nullity

    The nullity, impracticability or unenforceability of any provision of the order shall not affect the validity, enforceability or enforceability of the remaining provisions of the order, unless the order can not proceed without this clause.

  9. Applicable law and competent courts of law

    Belgium law is applicable to this site and to all its orders.

    In case of a dispute, the courts of law of the legal district Turnhout are solely competent.

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